Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipe: Savory Mushroom Pot Pie!

Calling all vegetarians and vegans!!

Or, calling all cooks who might be cooking for a vegetarian or vegan. No need to fuss over a Tofurky this year, I’ve got a recipe for you that will make you even consider skipping turkey yourself! Not that I am or anything. I love my Thanksgiving turkey – white meat please!:) All I’m saying is that these little pot pies are worthy of a Thanksgiving dinner.

I have another Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe that I will post tomorrow. It’s a hearty pumpkin lentil soup. More on that later.

This pot pie, being a steamy, savory, crusty, hot pot pie, is filled with a meaty portabella, potato, onion, and lentil goooodness. I would have never imagined in my life that I would be rooting for a pot pie. I used to despise the gross little things when I was a child. My sister loved them, while I gagged uncontrollably. Things change, I guess. I only attempted to try this for my love of mushrooms. And this particular mushroom pot pie is so. Incredibly. Good. I mean, seriously. This is the kind of recipe that I’ll be making over and over again. Even after Thanksgiving is over, this is something you’ll miss out on if you don’t try it, too. Perfect comfort food. Perfect winter food.

I used red potatoes. I suggest them because they’ll hold their shape and have the right texture for this recipe. Waxy new potatoes will work nicely, too.

When your cutting up the veggies, try to get them chopped up small, so everything from the pea, to the potato, get an even bake.

For the top of your mini pies, a nice trick to get the perfect cut to fit your mini pie pan, is to place it upside down (empty of course) and press it in to indent the shape. Or use a knife to cut the shape out right then and there.

Use cute little dishes like these to bake your pot pies. Or mini souffle pans or mini pie pans.

Squish, and press pie dough on the bottom of the dishes you are baking with.

Spoon full to the brim with filling!

To add some festive flair – use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes, like I did with this adorable maple leaf. They bake up adorable – and edible!

Ingredients¬† – To make this vegan, use a vegan ingredient based pie crust, which you’ll more than likely find in your frozen food section, if not, you’ll like this one. This recipe was inspired by a similar recipe in the November issue of Bon Appetit.

2 portabella mushrooms, chopped in bits and pieces

1 half medium red onion (roughly 1/2 cup), chopped

2 medium red potatoes (one cups worth), chopped in bits and pieces

1/2 cup sweet corn kernels

1/2 cup peas

1 large garlic clove, minced

3-4 fresh sage leaves, finely minced

1/2 cup cooked lentils (I used a mixture of beluga lentils and green lentils)

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

4 teaspoon soy sauce

4 tablespoons of olive oil

2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour


Pre-made pie dough crust, rolled out (I used frozen pie dough)


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Chop all veggies that need to be chopped and mix everything into a large bowl: veggies, sage, sea salt, olive oil, soy sauce, and flour. In four mini pie pans, or souffle pans, press a thin layer of pie dough into the bottom of the pans. Fill with veggie mixture until it is level with pan. Then top with pie dough. Helpful hint, press empty pie pans into pie dough to indent shape and size of cut needed to top pot pie.Cut with a knife (see picture above).

Place pot pies onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Reduce heat to 400 degrees and bake for 20-25 minutes, until crust is golden. Serve hot.

*Side note: if you like that shiny golden sheen on pies, you can brush a little egg and milk wash (beat one egg with a splash of milk) over pie dough, then bake.

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